Big Data Analytics / Changing Workforce

Struggling to find a data scientist? Get ready for an AI that can do the job

By Nick Heath for TechRepublic

Nov 10, 2015

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Decent data scientists are reportedly so rare that they are sometimes referred to as unicorns.

However, firms struggling to source data science skills may soon be able to turn to machine learning.

While deep learning and automated processing are today used to automatically tell who and what is in an image, or to pluck answers to questions from a piece of text, that same automation has not been applied to key elements of data science.

Now researchers at MIT have developed what they call the Data Science Machine - a system that can compete with some of the best data scientists in the world and in a fraction of time.

Read more about how the the Data Science Machine performs the "intuition" part of big data analytics, deciding which variables in a dataset should be studied in order to make a prediction.