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Smartwatches help drive productivity, efficiency on the assembly line

By Bosch ConnectedWorld

Oct 01, 2015

The Bosch Anderson plant in South Carolina is the first Bosch plant to successfully implement smartwatches on a manufacturing line for better operator efficiency and productivity.

Smartwatches are now used on select lines and have eliminated machine stoppages due to feeder jams and other specific faults. The smartwatches also improve operator response time to general machine faults, which results in a significant savings of time and money.

With the new system, the assembly line is able to communicate with Pebble Smartwatches worn by line operators. This allows the operators to know in almost real-time when and where a specific problem is about to occur. They can then act swiftly to correct the fault or jam, usually before the line ever stops, improving productivity and reducing downtime.

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