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Roundup of Internet of Things forecasts and market estimates, 2015

By Louis Columbus for Forbes

Dec 28, 2015

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With the potential to streamline and deliver greater time and cost savings to a broad spectrum of enterprise tasks, opportunities for Internet of Things (IoT) adoption are proliferating. It’s encouraging to see so many industry-leading manufacturers, service providers, software and systems developers getting down to the hard work of making the vision IoT investments pay off. Forecasting methodologies shifted in 2015 from the purely theoretical to being more anchored in early adoption performance gains.

Key takeaways from the collection of IoT forecasts and market estimates include a prediction from ABI Research that IoT-related value-added services will grow from $50 billion in 2012 to $120 billion in 2018, attaining a 15.7% CAGR in the forecast period.

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