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Read it now: Brief Survey of Centrifugal Pump Best Practices

Aug 31, 2015

Authorhouse Publishing has published a new book written by Robert X. Perez titled How to Select the Right Centrifugal Pump—A Brief Survey of Centrifugal Pump Best Practices.

Choosing a centrifugal pump from the countless options available can be daunting. Many factors such as the required flow, differential pressure, and suction conditions must be weighed against the capital costs and cost of energy for the pumps considered.

Robert X. Perez outlines the case on how to determine the right pump by considering the overall cost of ownership, which includes capital cost, operating costs, and maintenance cost. His selection methodology focuses mainly on hydraulic design considerations, but it also touches on mechanical design details. A complete chapter is devoted to tabulating quotes from pump manufacturers in order to properly evaluate their bids and select the best overall option.

Table of contents:

  • Chapter 1 — Introduction to Centrifugal Pumps
  • Chapter 2 — Can I Use a Centrifugal Pump?
  • Chapter 3 — How Good Pumps Become Bad Actors
  • Chapter 4 — 10 Pump Selection Rules of Thumb
  • Chapter 5 — Bid Tabulations
  • Chapter 6 — The most important day in a pump’s lifetime
  • Chapter 7 — The Pump Selection Process 
  • Appendix A — How to Calculate Pipe Friction Head Losses for Newtonian Fluids
  • Appendix B — Mechanical Seal Selection Primer
  • Appendix C — Centrifugal Pump Selection Checklist

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