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OSIsoft-SAP partnership deepens predictive analytics on the plant floor

By Peter Reynolds for ARC Advisory Group

Aug 17, 2015

Business analytics was once a laborious, time-consuming task that required a staff of experts to extract relevant and meaningful decision-support information from an oil & gas enterprise's data. Predictive analytics enabled by the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is changing all that. Now, the factors that differentiate profitable operations, both upstream and downstream, include how rapidly they can adopt technology, improve work processes, eliminate waste, and increase technical agility. 

The current convergence of information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) in the oil & gas industry and, in particular, a new partnership between OSIsoft and SAP should help drive software adoption without disrupting technology and database architecture at the plant floor. Instead of getting answers to operational questions in days or weeks, these answers can now be made available in near-real-time, enabling operational personnel to make better and timelier decisions that affect the business.

ARC estimates there are almost $65 billion in legacy distributed control systems (DCS), programmable controllers (PLC) providing real-time control. Much of this control infrastructure, particularly in the oil & gas and chemicals industry, already has a PI System in place. By leveraging the OSIsoft data infrastructure, it becomes much easier and less expensive for oil & gas enterprises to connect the OT and IT worlds. This in part due to the fact that owner-operators do not have to make significant changes or disrupt the technologies currently in place at the plant.

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