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New drone is armed with hacking weapons


Aug 10, 2015

The hackers' arsenal has taken to the skies. A drone armed with weapons to crack into wireless computer networks at close range, whether they be in skyscrapers or walled compounds, was demonstrated at a hacker gathering on Sunday.

David Jordan of U.S.-based Aerial Assault appeared at a Def Con conference and showed off a drone that could be dispatched on missions to land atop buildings or hover outside walls and probe for cracks in computer networks.

The drone was equipped with software tools used to perform the kind of "penetration testing" done by hackers or computer security professionals who seek vulnerabilities in computer networks. Along with assessing weaknesses of networks, the drone logs precise GPS coordinates of a target and takes all the information back to its handler, he said.

Aerial Assault drones also were for sale, at a price of $2,500 each.

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