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Manufacturing Day gives Chicago Public Schools students hands-on experience

By Patrick Judge, for the Chicago Sun-Times

Oct 05, 2015

Some Chicago Public Schools students got to learn a few things outside the classroom last week, and their study materials were a lot bigger than a stack of textbooks.

One thing they studied was a hulking box called the NZ-2000. It’s made by DMG Mori, a Japanese company. It boasts a 12-axis turn/mill system, and it’s designed for complex, high-precision mass manufacturing. It’s used in medical, aerospace and military technologies. In layman’s terms, it’s a machine for making things.

About 50 CPS high school students enrolled in manufacturing classes got a good look at the NZ-2000 and other industrial machines at Manufacturing Day, a local event organized by World Business Chicago and UI Labs.

“The image of manufacturing . . . it’s dirty. You look at old photos, all you see is dirty faces,” said David Blackmon, a CPS employee. “It’s not that way anymore. It’s a thinking (person's) job.”

“I’ve got a lot of friends who want to work with engineering,” said Tavarius McNair, a 16-year-old student. Visiting the factory would "boost people’s motivations to work in this field. You can see that there’s more out there than just Microsoft.”

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