3D Printing

Mall of America store will turn you into a 3D selfie

By Jackie Crosby, for Star Tribune

Nov 30, 2015

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When the halo of lights goes on in the circular photo booth, a crowd fills the mall’s massive hallway. The humble cellphone selfie has officially gone three-dimensional.

At least that’s the idea behind a new retail concept at the Mall of America by computer-aided design company, CTC Inc., where people can purchase their very own mini-me figurines using 3-D printing technology.

Outside the aptly named Me 3D store, curious shoppers stoop toward the window to gawk at statues of firemen, ice skaters and pets. The figurines are so intricate, you can read the words on a tattoo, see shadows in the washboard abs of a shirtless model or pick out details on the medals of a soldier in full military regalia.

Since opening the store on Oct. 21, the response from consumers has been swift and positive, they said. Engaged couples want their likeness atop their wedding cakes. Parents are drawn to replicas of their children atop alphabet blocks or dressed in sports uniforms. Pets have become such a popular request that Mall of America officials now allow Me 3D’s staff to escort dogs to the store for appointment-only photo shoots.

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