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Made in the USA: Robotics lead reshoring efforts

By Association for Advancing Automation (A3)

Sep 28, 2015

In the 2000s, brand-name U.S. multinational corporations—which employ one-fifth of all American workers—cut their domestic workforces by 2.9 million while increasing their overseas employment by 2.4 million.

In recent years, though, the trend is coming full circle, as rapidly rising labor costs caused companies to think again about offshoring. Companies sought to bring manufacturing operations stateside while remaining cost-competitive, and have turned to automation to help lead the new wave of productivity and job growth in the U.S.

“The whole premise for our company is to bring manufacturing back to this country, and our new robot fits perfectly with that master plan,” said Geoff Escalette, CEO of faucet-maker RSS Manufacturing & Phylrich in Costa Mesa, California. Their robot not only makes it possible to increase production speed without buying additional CNC machines, but it also helped them open up 30 percent more capacity on existing machinery.

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