Big Data Analytics / Compressed Air System

Industrial IoT, PdM helps prevent costly unplanned downtime at BHP Billiton

By Ralph Rio, for ARC Advisory Group

Nov 16, 2015

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BHP Billiton, a leading global resources company, operates a broad range of industrial assets. These include offshore oil and gas production platforms at which unscheduled downtime can be extremely costly. With the help of L&T Infotech, BHP Billiton developed a predictive maintenance application for the gas compression equipment. This has helped avoid unscheduled downtime and the associated lost production and revenue.

While each oil platform is equipped with a spare compressor, it takes up to five days to swap-out and replace one. If this replacement causes an unplanned shutdown, the missed production can result in $20 million in lost revenue.

In an effort to avoid these kinds of losses, BHP Billiton and L&T Infotech developed a solution using an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) approach. Analytics are applied to data gathered from sensors mounted on the remote offshore equipment to generate appropriate alerts before something bad occurs. This often enables needed repairs/replacements to be performed during scheduled maintenance outages, so no production is lost.

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