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Hollingsworth & Vose wins 2015 Innovations in Manufacturing Award

By SWVAtoday.com

Nov 13, 2015

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Hollingsworth and Vose, an advanced materials company, recently won the Southwest Virginia Alliance for Manufacturing (SVAM) 2015 Innovations in Manufacturing Award. The award recognizes H&V’s Floyd team accomplishment developing the NanoWave® air filtration media and the associated advanced manufacturing processes.

“We are proud of H&V’s highly-skilled people in Floyd. It’s very exciting that they are solving major worldwide challenges here in innovative and environmentally-friendly ways,” said Jon Beegle, Chairman of the Floyd County Economic Development Authority.

In this case, it was developing a filtration media that performs much better and requires less energy. They called it NanoWave®, because a unique aspect of this synthetic-media filter is a curved nano-fiber layer that increases the surface area and catches fine particles while the outer, higher-loft layer catches larger particles without reducing airflow. The benefits of NanoWave® include increased filter life, excellent dust-holding capacity, reduced disposal cost, elimination in fiber shedding, and lower energy costs through better air handing. NanoWave also improves processing on conventional and ultrasonic equipment for filter manufacturers.

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