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GE announces co-development project for new asset performance management software solution

By GE news release

Oct 05, 2015

GE announces that Crestwood Midstream Partners LP is the co-development customer for its new Asset Performance Management (APM) software solution for Waukesha gas engines, powered by the Predix software platform. This APM solution offers the real-time intelligence customers need to optimize the availability, reliability, operating performance and maintenance effectiveness of their Waukesha gas engines and associated GE equipment.

Crestwood begins its pilot project with 16 of GE’s Waukesha VHP gas engines at three compressor stations located in the Marcellus Shale area of West Virginia, where Crestwood builds, owns and operates pipelines and compression stations, allowing the movement of gas to downstream segments.

“Together with Crestwood, GE is developing a platform that will help optimize gas compression stations in the midstream space. GE is not only looking to optimize the engine and equipment that compresses the gas at an asset level, but also at a station level—to look at the network as a whole and help Crestwood move more gas, providing the customer with a cost-effective solution,” said Jon Clarine, GE data solutions leader, GE’s Power & Water business. “The collaboration with Crestwood is a great representation of a very successful co-creation project. It is happening at the ground level where stations are operated, and it will help Crestwood to optimize the performance of its stations while reducing operating costs.”

Key benefits of the project include the opportunity for condition-based maintenance and the ability to view facility performance—enabling customers to optimize the reliability and availability of their assets. GE’s monitoring solutions, combined with OEM-developed analytics, provide the foundation for making data-enabled decisions that optimize business. The proactive identification of upcoming maintenance events, based on unit lifetime and potential unplanned maintenance, will allow customers to improve their target inventory and resource planning.

“Crestwood’s customers will see positive effects in our ability to operate more efficiently and through the capability to predict what’s going to happen in the system,” said Hugo Guerrero, vice president of technical services for Crestwood. "Crestwood is looking at ways it can reduce capital, improve operating costs and be more competitive in the industry by utilizing the GE infrastructure as a whole. By using data and analytics to analyze how the fleet is operating in the field, we will be able to reduce costs and increase efficiency.”