Fluke Announces Fluke Connect™ Assets

By Fluke Corp.

May 07, 2015

Unplanned downtime due to equipment failure can cost manufacturers up to three percent of their revenue, according the U.S. Federal Energy Management Program. Manual methods of tracking equipment health to predict failures are time consuming and prone to errors and incomplete data, while existing computerized maintenance management systems can be costly and complex and often require significant IT resources to implement.

Fluke Connect Assets™ changes the way equipment maintenance is documented, reported, and managed.

Fluke Connect Assets is a cloud-based wireless system of software and test tools that gives maintenance managers a comprehensive view of all critical equipment — including baseline, historical, and current test tool measurement data, current status, and past inspection data — enabling them to set up and sustain a predictive maintenance (PdM) or condition-based maintenance (CBM) system easily with minimal investment. It features the industry’s only one-touch measurement transfer from more than 30 Fluke Connect-enabled test tools, eliminating manual recording of measurements so maintenance managers can be confident that the equipment history is accurate. And because it’s cloud-based, Fluke Connect Assets is easy to set up with minimal investment and no need for support from the IT department.

The system’s features allow maintenance managers to analyze multiple types of predictive data (for example, electrical, vibration, infrared images) all in one program, side by side, in a visual format that enables easy scanning. In fact, it’s the first software that offers results across multiple deployments (smart phone, web browser). This intuitive display of multiple measurements enhances the productive use of data and the ability to identify a problem, since each measurement type tests a different aspect of equipment health and together they present a more complete picture.

Key features of Fluke Connect Assets include:

  • Asset Health Dashboard — Asset Health is a hierarchy based overview of aggregated status over time, aggregated alarms over time, and equipment status timeline, all with drill downs with more details. This permits managers to quickly identify where they need to focus efforts as part of a morning routine. They can trend and compare thermal, electrical and vibration data over time for each piece of equipment and drill down to the data needed for repair/replacement decisions.
  • Asset Status Dashboard — allows managers to quickly scan the most recent status updates for key assets so they can better monitor team and equipment activity.
  • Asset Hierarchy and Test Points — allows managers to easily create inspection routes, schedules and instructions and assign technicians to measure specific test points to create repeatable, comparable data.

Fluke Connect Assets also includes mobile productivity features that can be accessed via smartphone, including mobile alarms to notify the team when measurements exceed a user-defined threshold, and TrendIt™ Plus, a feature that allows multiple session graphing and permits the generation of detailed graphs while in the field for compliance and work proof purposes.

Entire maintenance teams can capture and share data via their smartphones regardless of their location (with cell service or a Wi-Fi connection) using AutoRecord™ to automatically record measurements from Fluke Connect-enabled test tools and then upload the data to Fluke Cloud™ storage for sharing and analysis. Technicians can collaborate with their colleagues to discuss problems while sharing data and images in real time with ShareLive™ video calls, speeding up problem solving, decision-making and approvals.

With the Fluke Connect Assets system, maintenance managers and technicians generate more reliable data to make informed decisions about equipment health, reducing unexpected equipment downtime, improving costs, and enhancing the efficiency of their teams. For more information on the Fluke Connect Assets, visit: www.fluke.com/assets.