ESCO Group partners with Siemens

By Siemens news release

Jun 12, 2015

ESCO Group has announced that it is now in a partnership with Siemens Corporation, Automation and Drives. Siemens is a U.S. subsidiary of Siemens A.G., a world-class technology expert headquartered in Berlin, Germany.

ESCO has provided automation services to its clients since 1988 and has primarily focused on the Food Manufacturing and Ag industries. With its partnership with Siemens, ESCO is planning on growing its client reach and moving into new markets.

Hill Swayze, Director of Operations for ESCO Automation, the engineering business unit of ESCO that focuses on control system integration and electrical design, says, “By partnering with Siemens we will be able to have a market differentiation that is much broader and stronger than ever before. That’s going to bring a lot of value to the company.”

Siemens software and hardware is freely configurable and flexible. Engineers who become proficient with the software agree that it is very comprehensible, making it a great choice of product. The motion control modules are powerful, easily providing complex solutions for industrial clients. Ryan Haskin, an ESCO engineer says, “This architecture sets us apart from our competition.”

With Siemens being headquartered in Europe, it has clinched the market abroad, and now has a growing client base in the United States. With this advancement in the US market, ESCO plans to use their partnership to grow as well. “Joining forces with Siemens is exciting for us. Being a part of their growth in the United States will definitely be mutually beneficial,” says Ray Brown, CEO at ESCO.