Engineering students devise new designs for doors

By MSOE and Rytec news releases

Jun 19, 2015

More than 80 senior-year projects at the Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) were on public display at the campus on May 22, ranging from a solar-powered garden irrigation system to a high-speed overhead door.

Throughout their senior year, MSOE students collaborate with classmates on a final project related to their degree program. It’s an opportunity for them to take everything they’ve learned in their time at MSOE and put it to use in a real-life application. The projects are often sponsored by companies looking to solve a problem, and others are driven by a student’s interests.

The projects represented months of work by teams of students that, in some cases, collaborated with area companies to solve a problem or come up with a better idea for something. One of the teams with students Marcelo Alves, Jesus Arguelles Chavira, Eric Fredericksen, and Assad Rashwan, redesigned a Rytec Corp. high-speed roll-up door.

Rytec manufactures roll-up doors used in factories, food-processing plants, automobile garages and many other places. Some of the doors can open and close at speeds of more than 8 feet per second, useful in a refrigerated food plant, for example, to keep the cold air in and warm air out when people come and go.

The doors have electronic safety sensors and communication systems that are powered using replaceable batteries or a power cord. The MSOE students developed a wireless charging system that replaces the batteries or cord with a capacitor, which stores electricity like a battery, and has power transferred to it without wires.

The changes could be significant for Rytec, said Jeff Malinowski, director of engineering. Rytec will run additional testing and analysis to determine the idea’s feasibility. This was Rytec's first time collaborating with MSOE students on their senior projects.