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Blogger: Time for candidates to address manufacturing

By Dennis Slater, for The Hill

Nov 11, 2015

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Americans have now sat through four presidential debates, and yet, manufacturing has only really been mentioned but a handful of times. It’s time to put manufacturing – and manufacturing issues – at the front and center of the presidential election.

What does that mean? Manufacturers and their employees are especially eager to hear from candidates on several core issues that also matter to millions of other Americans.

Manufacturers want to know, for instance, how our next president plans to revitalize and expand America’s crumbling infrastructure. What strategies will our next president have to keep America competitive and restore our infrastructure as the envy of the world? How will our next president also work to build a workforce equipped with the skills manufacturers need? Lastly, any candidate who wishes to be president should explain how they’ll keep manufacturers globally competitive by breaking down trade barriers and reforming taxes to support domestic manufacturing production.

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