ACOEM Group acquires VibrAlign

Source: ACOEM Group

May 05, 2015

Following its recent acquisition of laser shaft alignment equipment maker Fixturlaser, the ACOEM Group has acquired VibrAlign, Inc., a long-standing partner of Fixturlaser in the U.S. ACOEM and VibrAlign are committed to ensuring a remarkable customer experience in both alignment and condition monitoring.

ACOEM was created in late 2011 following the purchase of 01dB-Metravib by Evolem and its leading executives. The group is pursuing its build-up strategy with the purchase of VibrAlign, a long-standing partner of Fixturlaser in the U.S. The ACOEM Group offers expertise in the environmental, industrial and defense sectors, presenting its know-how through four unique brands:

01dB: Noise and vibration pollution monitoring solutions (for airports, building sites, etc.).     

Metravib: Enemy gunfire detection and localization system intended for use in defense, and engineering services for the industrial sector.     

Fixturlaser/ OneProd: Monitoring and alignment tools for rotating machinery, enabling the productivity and reliability of industrial processes to be improved.

VibrAlign has delivered shaft alignment solutions since 1983. The company provides value-added, easy-to-use shaft alignment systems and vibration solutions. It offers field services, training and a range of laser alignment tools, with a superior level of customer service. VibrAlign is the exclusive U.S. distributor for Fixturlaser alignment systems and OneProd condition monitoring systems. Whatever your alignment or vibration problems, VibrAlign has the right solution.
The Group has annual sales revenue of €60 million and employs 400 people. ACOEM, whose head office is in Lyon, France, also has two sites in Asia and a subsidiary in Brazil.