2015 New Energy Pioneer award winners announced by Bloomberg New Energy Finance

Source: Elevance Renewable Sciences

Apr 15, 2015

Elevance Renewable Sciences, Inc. was named a 2015 New Energy Pioneer award winner by Bloomberg New Energy Finance. The award recognizes 10 global companies whose innovations are revolutionizing the energy sector. A panel of industry experts selected the winners against three criteria: potential scale, innovation and momentum. Elevance was recognized for commercially supplying better-performing, cost-competitive renewable alternatives to petrochemicals across multiple industries.

Elevance’s recent introductions include the Inherent line of renewable building blocks; personal care product lines, Elevance Smooth and Elevance Soft; Elevance Aria base stock and Elevance Concert additive for the lubricant industry; and Elevance Clean ingredient for the cleaning industry.

According to Elevance, its specialty chemicals enable: detergents to be more concentrated and clean better in cold water; hard surface cleaners to be VOC exempt with superior degreasing performance; lubricant base oils with improved stability and fuel economy to better protect equipment; and unique monomers for bio-based polymers and engineered plastics that reduce automotive weight, which improves car fuel efficiency and the environmental footprint of transportation.

Elevance’s low-pressure, low-temperature process uses Nobel Prize-winning innovations in metathesis catalysis that consume less energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50 percent compared to petrochemical technologies, according to the company.