The Current Monitor is dedicated to influencing the culture of safety positively for both employees and management

Sep 22, 2014

Grace Engineered Products announces the launch of a new digital publication, The Current Monitor, which is dedicated to improving electrical safety in a real-world industrial setting. Content is updated twice weekly and includes feature articles, videos, blogs, debate columns and personal stories from people in the field of electrical safety. Grace Engineered Products produces The Current Monitor in partnership with Putman Media, Inc.

“Our mission is simple: We want to leave the culture of safety better than we found it,” said Chief Editor Brandi Fuller. “We want to do that by sharing content that fosters discussion and debate within the industry to help achieve better electrical safety practices and policies. This really is a cause — to help eradicate arc-flash injuries and deaths and make them a distant memory.”

Topics covered by The Current Monitor include arc flash safety; arc flash labeling; personal protective equipment (PPE); establishing or changing the culture of safety; how injuries affect a worker’s family and peers; electrical safety standards; the cost and profitability of safety; maintenance practices; risk assessments; and much more.

“We will champion the people in the line of duty, and will address topics relevant to both electrical workers and company management,” said Fuller. “Safety doesn’t just affect electrical workers — it also impacts their families, friends, coworkers and managers. Our goal is to set the tone of the conversation, and clarify what it means to those standing at the electrical-cabinet door. We want to positively influence the culture of safety — and demonstrate that it can be improved without sacrificing a company’s productivity or profitability.”

The Current Monitor’s Putman Media team is lead by Executive Editor Theresa Houck, a 25-year business-to-business publishing veteran, and Publisher Mike Brenner, who brings 30 years of publishing expertise to the table.

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