The Association for Manufacturing Excellence to host October 2014's Manufacturing Day

Source: The Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME)

Jul 10, 2014

The Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME) is proud to be a sponsor of 2014's Manufacturing Day. This national event is highlighting the numerous contributions of manufacturers across the country while educating the general public about the impact and importance of this vital industry.

This year's Manufacturing Day is Oct. 3. A variety of events will take place around the country throughout the day, spotlighting manufacturing's impact on the world while offering an insider's look into a number of exciting organizations. Numerous manufacturers will open their doors to the public, offering tours of their facilities and fielding questions about the nature of their industry. Participating schools will also offer tours and open houses where attendees can explore the classes and resources they'll need to pursue a career in manufacturing.

To follow AME’s participation in Manufacturing Day, follow AME on Twitter @ameconnect and use hashtag #mfgday14. To learn more about the scheduled events in your area and how to get involved, check out the official Manufacturing Day website.