Scigrip team wins solar-powered boat championship

Source: Scigrip

Jul 10, 2014

Scigrip Solar Boat Team won in Class A of the DONG Energy Solar Challenge, which concluded this past weekend. The Polish crew completed the five-stage, weeklong event four minutes and 18 seconds ahead of their closest rivals when they crossed the finish line in Leeuwarden, Holland, on Saturday, July 5. An extensive selection of Scigrip products were used to bond the most demanding sections of the boat, including the bulkheads, deck-to-hull joints, floater beams, and the engine column.

Scigrip Marine Repair Kits were distributed to all 42 competitors at the start of the race. These customized packs contained a selection of high performance, fast curing adhesives and waterproof epoxy sticks, allowing any damage incurred to the boats to be quickly mended.

A range of repairs on competing boats were accomplished during the race and feedback was consistently positive. Team A07, Equipe Solar Brazil, used a selection of Scigrip's high viscosity methacrylate (MMA) and fast-curing epoxy adhesives to mend their propeller with great success. Ordinarily, this type of damage would have required the complete lamination of the affected component with an epoxy resin, which could not easily be conducted under race conditions. However, due to the rapid cure times and minimal surface treatment requirements of the Scigrip adhesives in the repair kits, the team was able to complete the task safely and swiftly, rejoining the race the very next day.