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New white paper: Using master controls to improve the performance and efficiency of industrial air compressors

Source: Kaeser Compressors

Oct 22, 2014

Kaeser Compressors has published a new white paper that is available for complimentary download on integrating compressed air system master controls, "Using Master Controls to Improve the Performance and Efficiency of Industrial Air Compressors".  Authored by Wayne Perry and Michael Camber, the white paper discusses how system master controllers minimize equipment run time, maintain stable air pressures, and deliver rapid payback in operational and energy savings.

"If you have a system with multiple units, you need to make sure they are properly controlled", explained white paper co-author Wayne Perry.  "It doesn't matter how efficient your equipment may be—if the units aren't working together, you won't realize the promised efficiency gains," added co-author Michael Camber. 

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