Industrial Safety

Industrial exoskeleton helps workers use heavy tools without bearing their weight

Source: The Marietta Daily Journal

Oct 06, 2014

Engineers at Lockheed Martin have developed a new device to help industrial workers.

Engineers in the company’s Orlando-based Missile and Fire Control division have designed an aluminum exoskeleton called the FORTIS to allow workers to use a heavy tools without bearing their weight. “We started working with our customers to identify different applications where we could use exoskeletons, and through doing that, we found that there was a need to eliminate the weight of heavy tools,” said Patricia Aelker, Lockheed Martin’s program manager for exoskeleton technologies.

At a demonstration of the FORTIS at Lockheed Martin’s C-130 assembly facility this week, Aelker explained the device works by attaching the heavy tool, such as a grinder, riveter or drill, to a mechanical arm, which is mounted on the exoskeleton at the user’s waist.

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