Facility management courses feature the latest trends, technology, standards, codes and practices

Source: RedVector

Nov 05, 2014

RedVector has launched new facility management and engineering training courses this week.

Nine new accredited courses (for a total of 10 hours) were added to RedVector’s Facility Management course library, including Commercial HVAC Systems Essentials, Commercial Electrical Systems Essentials, Commercial Plumbing Systems Essentials, Commercial Structural and Building Systems Essentials, BIM Essentials, Facility Asset Management, Facility Maintenance Management, Facility Management Essentials and Building Information Modeling (BIM) for Owners and Facility Managers.

Through best-in-class online facilities training, RedVector strives to help professionals and organizations work safely and efficiently, improve financial and business planning, save energy and water,  stay compliant, manage teams and projects, enhance communication, improve emergency preparedness, and meet the demands of their customers.

The new courses are video-driven, mobile-ready and up-to-date with the latest facility trends, technology, standards, codes and practices. The training is applicable to facilities managers and engineers, maintenance technicians, contractors, architects, electricians, building and home inspectors, interior designers and HVAC professionals, and can be taken for CEUs.