Bentley Systems acquires Siteops site design optimization software

Source: Bentley

Oct 06, 2014

Bentley Systems announced that it has acquired Charlotte, N.C.-based Blueridge Analytics, Inc., provider of Siteops – site design optimization “software at your service.” Siteops uses cloud-based computing techniques to empower site development professionals to move beyond engineering to optioneering, which enables the exploration of engineering alternatives and their costs. This substantially improves the choices considered for any site development, including commercial, industrial, institutional, campus, and residential projects.

Bentley Systems CEO Greg Bentley said, “On behalf of all our colleagues, I welcome the highly industrious and talented Siteops team to Bentley. During the past few years we’ve been tracking Siteops technology and its performance in order to authoritatively validate its breakthrough capabilities. Feedback we’ve received from engineering teams and owners has substantiated Siteops’ tremendous potential in enabling site development teams to deliver new value to owners. Through the power of site optioneering, owners can be confident that their engineers have considered the best choices and arrived at the most cost-effective solutions for the constraints of their respective sites. Hence, I’ve become convinced that site engineering should no longer be done any other way.”

Mike Detwiler, formerly president and CEO of Blueridge Analytics and now Bentley vice president, Siteops product development, said, “To date, the development of Siteopstechnology has focused on continuous improvement to conceptual designs. Now, within Bentley’s comprehensive portfolio, Siteops’ BIM advancement can contribute throughout project delivery. Accordingly, an initial priority will be to complete the end-to-end workflows that Bentley is uniquely able to offer – from site development through detailed design and construction modeling.”