How Hyster is leading the way in sustainability and logistics

Source: Hyster Company

Aug 27, 2013

Hyster Company was recently selected by Inbound Logistics as one of 75 Green Supply Chain Partners leading the way in sustainability and logistics. The company was featured in the group as part of a recent issue.

Inbound Logistics chooses these 75 supply chain partners after considering the company’s participation in public-private partnerships, corporate sustainability initiatives and collaborative customer-driven projects. Editors from this publication pick each partner based on their measurable green results, sustainability innovation, continuous improvement and industry recognition for providing sustainable solutions.

Hyster has a commitment to engineering energy-efficient alternatives to predominantly diesel-operated applications. In fact, the fork lift manufacturer recently rolled out the new Hyster J80-100XN lift truck series, an electric alternative for traditionally ICE applications including lumber, stevedoring, heavy manufacturing and paper. In addition to working towards greener technology for its customers, Hyster Company follows sustainable manufacturing processes and its manufacturing facilities are ISO 14001 certified, denoting the proper management of environmental goals.

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