Heat exchangers provide a thermal solution for consistent production of noodles

Source: HRS Heat Exchangers

Sep 17, 2013

HRS Heat Exchangers have recently supplied Symington’s with K series heat exchangers for their new £15m noodle factory in Leeds, UK. HRS is supplying the HRS KH109 heat exchanger to Symington’s, an industrial multi-tube heat exchanger. This heat exchanger will heat the palm oil needed to fry the instant noodles. HRS K series’ corrugated tubes increase heat transfer rates offering a high transfer surface area within a compact space.

Frying is an essential part of the noodle treatment process as it reduces the amount of moisture in the product that prevents microbiological growth, and improves flavor and texture and increases nutritional value. The promotion of turbulent flow within the corrugated tubes eliminates the presence of stagnant areas. The increased heat and flow benefits offered by the corrugated tubes means the K series ensures the oil is heated to the required temperature in a non-stop cycle, ensuring the stability of the palm oil for the frying process.

Mounted on a freestanding vertical frame, the customized system supplied by HRS fits within the sites current dimensions and improves condensate drainage, a major consideration for Symington’s. The tubes were also sized to allow some particle carry over from the cooking process.