CAGI releases standard for testing blower performance

Source: Compressed Air and Gas Institute

Oct 08, 2013

The Compressed Air and Gas Institute announced the release of its latest standard, CAGI BL 5389, Simplified Acceptance Test of Electric Driven, Low Pressure Turbocompressor Air Blower Packages. The standard provides a simplified, wire-to-air performance test code applicable to packaged, low pressure turbocompressors handling atmospheric air. CAGI will submit the new standard for consideration as an annex to the ISO 5389 standard that will be used throughout the world to test turbocompressor performance.

In 2010, CAGI members were approached by The Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE) on behalf of 130 energy efficiency program administrators across the United States and Canada, to address the need for increased consistency in the energy performance testing of packaged blowers used in wastewater treatment and industrial applications. In response, a working group within CAGI’s Blower Section formed soon after.

The ISO 5389 standard provides an extremely detailed, complex procedure to test and rate turbocompressor blowers. The new standard provides an easily integrated, cost effective, yet highly accurate approach to testing. It is applicable to all dynamic blower packages in all industrial and municipal air applications. While the standard is intended for use with all types of turbocompressor blower packages, it will be particularly useful for machines that are manufactured in batches or in continuous production quantities.