Zayed Future Energy Prize announces winners


By Plant Services Staff

Mar 20, 2012

Zayed Future Energy Prize ( – awarded annually to large corporations, individuals, small businesses and non-governmental organizations that have made significant contributions to the future of energy, climate change and sustainability – announced its 2012 awards winners from the World Future Energy Summit, distributing $3.5 million to winners and runners-up across three categories.

Carbon Disclosure Project, the UK-based organization that measures, discloses, manages and shares environmental information, won the Small-to-Medium Sized Enterprises (SME) and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) category. It was awarded US$1.5 million for its pioneering use of market-based tools to solve environmental issues, from cap and trade approach to acid rain pollution.

Orb Energy, an India-based provider of solar-based energy efficiency and heating solutions, was named first runner-up in the SME &NGO category with a cash prize of US$1 million. Environmental Defense Fund, the US-based non-profit organization that engages in environmental advocacy globally, received US$500,000 as the second runner-up, for its actions to create awareness and expand the adoption of renewable energy and sustainability practices.

US physicist Dr. Ashok Gadgil was recognized with the Lifetime Achievement award for his sustainable humanitarian work in Darfur and pioneering efforts to invent the energy efficient “Berkeley – Darfur” cooking stove, which reduces the need for firewood by 55 percent. Dr. Gadgil, who received US$500,000, currently leads the Environmental Energy Technologies Division of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California and is also well-known for developing “UV Waterworks,” a technology to inexpensively disinfect drinking water in developing countries.

Schneider Electric, a France-based global specialist in energy management, received the Large Corporations award, garnering acknowledgment for its efforts across the world to enhance energy access, efficiency and safety. The company works across numerous sectors including renewable energy, water, electricity and green buildings to ensure resource efficiency and sustainability.

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