Fieldbus solutions market sustained by and driven by emerging markets

Source: ARC

Jan 27, 2012

As the lifecycle benefits of fieldbus solutions become more apparent, fieldbus has become more accepted in a wider range of industries and by greater numbers of end users. The worldwide market for fieldbus solutions in the process industries is expected to grow at an above average compounded annual growth rate for the next five years according to a new ARC Advisory Group study.

The ultimate goal of fieldbus is interoperability of devices, which is only achievable if system testing and validation are available. “The primary value proposition of fieldbus was initially thought to be reduced wiring, simplification of and reduction of installation, and reduced commissioning costs. However, to the contrary, end users reveal that they are actually realizing greater benefits on the operational expenditure side of their processes in the form of quality improvements because of bi-directional digital communication, and improved process efficiency due to linked intelligent devices that are capable of remote diagnostics,” according to Senior Analyst Kevin Crisafulli, the principal author of ARC’s new “Fieldbus Solutions for the Process Industries Worldwide Outlook”.

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