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Wago installs Renewegy wind turbine at headquarters

Source: PlantServices.com

By Plant Services Staff

Sep 07, 2011

Wago Corporation has installed a Renewegy small-scale, commercial-grade VP-20 Wind Turbine at its Germantown, Wisconsin, headquarters. Capable of generating 20 kW for Wago’s engineering, manufacturing and sales hub, VP-20 employs WAGO 787 Series Power Supplies, 756 Series Cables/Connectors, 288 Series Fuse Blocks and Back-Up Capacitor Module.

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Key to power generation for the VP-20 is Renewegy’s segment-exclusive electronic Variable Pitch (VP) feature. Patterned after utility-scale turbines, VP controls pitch for each blade within 1/10th of a degree while pitching at speeds up to 15 degrees/second. A closed-loop, Active Pitch Servo manages blade speeds in wind conditions ranging from 6.7–55.9 MPH. An electric Active Yaw Servo ensures optimum power generation by directing the blades’ direction into the wind.

Renewegy specified WAGO’s IP67-grade 756 Series cables and connectors for the VP-20’s microprocessor-driven control system. The connections resist dust, water and mechanical loosening caused by vibrations.

Anchoring the VP-20 is a control cabinet supported by Wago’s 288 Series Capacitor Back-Up Module and 787 Series EPSITRON PRO 24VDC Power Supplies.