CPS Energy and Denton Municipal Electric receive Public Power Wind Award

Source: U.S. Department of Energy

Jun 30, 2011

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced CPS Energy and Denton Municipal Electric as co-recipients of the 2011 Public Power Wind Award. This ninth-annual award, presented at the American Public Power Association’s (APPA) National Conference in Washington, D.C., honors the two American Public Power Association member organizations for their leadership in promoting wind energy development.

CPS Energy, based in San Antonio, Texas, is a municipal utility that supports wind energy through its voluntary Windtricity program, launched in 2000. Currently, about 10% of the electricity that CPS Energy provides to customers comes from renewable energy resources, including 859 megawatts of generation from wind power. CPS Energy's Board of Trustees has adopted a goal of 1,500 megawatts of renewable energy capacity, roughly 20% of the utility's total capacity, by 2020.

Denton Municipal Electric entered the wind market two years ago with a multi-year power purchase agreement to provide 40% of the total electricity for the city of Denton, Texas. In the last fiscal year, Denton purchased more than 539,000 megawatt-hours of electricity from a local wind farm. Using locally generated wind energy enables Denton to minimize the power lost during transmission, keeping the local cost of electricity low. In addition, the municipal utility makes wind power available to every customer at no additional cost.