'Make It In America' bill will help prepare workers for jobs in advanced manufacturing

Source: PlantServices.com

May 03, 2011

According to Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer's Facebook page, he is introducing a ‘Make It In America’ bill that is designed to build job-training partnerships with manufacturers, community and technical colleges, and workforce investment boards.

This bill will invest in partnerships between community and technical colleges, and local workforce investment boards and advanced manufacturing firms to increase education and training programs that will prepare workers for jobs in the advanced manufacturing field. This bill also calls for funding of these partnerships to be a top priority.

Through these investments, Americans who are looking for work can get the education and training they need to get a job in advanced manufacturing − and likewise, advanced manufacturing firms will be able to grow and expand as they hire new, trained workers. In addition, this legislation will help people already working in the manufacturing sector get the additional education and training they need to advance in their career, leading to greater earnings.

“The Make It In America agenda aims to create jobs and restore the competitiveness of our domestic manufacturing industry by creating an environment that encourages companies to invest in job creation and innovation here in the U.S.,” stated Congressman Hoyer when he visited Stone Industrial. “Meeting with representatives and employees of Stone Industrial, I saw firsthand their desire to compete in the global economy and I am committed to ensuring that they have the resources and support to do so. Our nation needs to keep innovating and producing American goods so that we keep the economy growing and ensure that middle class families can make it in America.”