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NEMA publishes SSL 3-2011 High-Power White LED Binning for General Illumination

Source: NEMA

Apr 11, 2011

The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA www.nema.com) has published SSL 3-2011 High-Power White LED Binning for General Illumination. This standard, first published in 2010, was produced by NEMA’s Solid State Lighting Section.

SSL 3 offers categorization areas (bins) for chromaticity (colors), forward voltage measurements (an electrical designation), and luminous flux (light output) for light-emitting diodes (LEDs) used for general lighting. The binning process helps ensure continuity among suppliers. The standard also sets a level of expectation for characterization that results in a reasonable number of bins for stocking purposes.

Updates in this revision include bins for forward voltage measurements and luminous flux as well as a labeling scheme for chromaticity.

Robert Hick of Leviton, chair of the Solid State Lighting Section, said, “This new revision of SSL 3 provides additional binning characteristics for LEDs to streamline manufacturing processes and help ensure consistency for integrators and end users. NEMA is a global leader for solid state lighting and will continue to support the successful adoption of this vital energy-saving technology through standardization.”