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NEMA publishes standard for electric connectors

Source: NEMA

Apr 06, 2011

The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA www.nema.com) has published ANSI C119.1-2011 American National Standard for Electric Connectors — Sealed Insulated Underground Connector Systems Rated 600 Volts.

This standard, last revised in 2006, was produced by the ANSI C119.1 Subcommittee on Sealed Underground Connector Systems and approved by the Accredited Standards Committee on Connectors for Electrical Utility Applications, C119.

ANSI C119.1 covers sealed insulated underground connector systems rated at 600 volts for utility applications and establishes electrical, mechanical, and sealing requirements. Also included are sealed multiport set screw connectors used by utilities in underground distribution systems.

By using ANSI C119.1, users will have reasonable assurance that sealed insulated underground connectors meeting the standard’s requirements will perform in a satisfactory manner, provided they have been properly selected for the intended application and are installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

This revision features additional tests for impact, reusability, and resealability, with the aim of better representing the conditions encountered by connectors in utility service. New spreadsheet attachments in the standard can be used to collect current cycle test data, calculate connector stability, generate graphs of the data, and print the data to provide test results as part of the test report.