NEMA publishes LSD 58-2010 Air Infiltration Ratings for Recessed Luminaires

Source: NEMA

Feb 11, 2011

The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) has published LSD 58-2010 Air Infiltration Ratings for Recessed Luminaires. This white paper was produced by NEMA’s Luminaire Section.

LSD 58 addresses the standard test procedure, installation requirements and labeling applicable to luminaires to demonstrate limited airflow. Restricting airflow through lighting fixtures helps reduce energy loss and moisture accumulation, and is required by some energy codes and the Energy Star program. This paper is directed toward those who test, produce, specify, install and inspect recessed luminaires.

LSD 58 may be downloaded at no charge by visiting

This publication joins around 40 other white papers in the NEMA LSD series, which covers a range of lighting topics. Other parts of the series cover subjects like ballast disconnects, occupancy sensors and photoluminescent exit signage. To view a comprehensive list of NEMA LSD white papers, go to