Educational program delivers competency training in the MES/MOM field

Source: PRNewswire

Jan 31, 2011

MESA International announces the launch of the MESA Global Education Program, delivering independent competency training in the MES/MOM (manufacturing enterprise solutions/manufacturing operations management) arena. The program aims to remove the recognized lack of wide-scale MES/MOM competency as a barrier to plant and supply chain optimization and global operations excellence.

The MESA Global Education Program offers Certificate of Competency and Certificate of Awareness programs on different subjects and audiences. The initial programs offered focus on MES/MOM methodologies and business awareness.

  • MESA Certificate of Competency (CoC): MES/MOM Methodologies — A four-day comprehensive program of MES/MOM methodologies courses aimed at systems analysts, architects, programmers, project managers and consultants.
  • MESA Certificate of Awareness (CoA): MES/MOM Business Awareness — A two-day program of MES/MOM business functions courses geared for executives, manufacturing/operations and IT personnel, and sales professionals.