EEMUA CompEx mechanical competency certification launched


Jan 24, 2011

The first group of candidates have been awarded competency certificates under the new EEMUA CompEx Unit (Ex 11) for mechanical craftpersons who install, inspect and maintain equipment working in potentially explosive atmospheres. The awards mark the official launch of the new Ex 11 competency certification module.

The successful candidates, who included personnel from EEMUA Member Companies RWE npower and Shell, took part in the first two Ex 11 assessments held in Q4 2010 at licensed CompEx competency validation centre TTE Ellesmere Port in the north west of the UK. Other candidates that passed the combination of examination and practical assessment were from Cargill, an international producer of agricultural products, and fellow CompEx competency validation centre Intertek.

TTE Ellesmere Port is currently the only CompEx competency validation centre licensed to operate the Ex 11 Unit with the next courses to prepare candidates for Ex 11 assessment having start dates of February 8 and March 1, 2011. Additional centres are expected to develop facilities to enable them to offer Ex 11 later in 2011 or 2012.

Since it was introduced in the 1990s, CompEx has grown into the leading international certification scheme, recognising core competency for electrical safe working in potentially hazardous flammable or explosive atmospheres, and now completed by more than 25,000 candidates. EEMUA Executive Director, Clive Tayler, commented: “The launch of the CompEx Mechanical Unit extends the scope of CompEx into the key area of ATEX non-electrical working as well as electrical aspects.”

The CompEx certification body JTL is accredited by UKAS to ISO/IEC 17024. CompEx is a registered trademark and registered certification mark of EEMUA in the UK.