Joint venture draws attention to the maintenance field

Source: European Federation of National Maintenance Societies

Dec 14, 2010

Several German maintenance organizations have come together for the first time to form the joint venture “Focus Instandhaltung” in order to draw attention to the maintenance field. The purpose of Focus Instandhaltung is to strengthen the position of maintenance in the industry, in politics and in society, at the same time safeguarding Germany’s manufacturing base.

The founding members are:

  • DKIN   Deutsches Komitee Instandhaltung e.V.
  • GFIN   Gesellschaft für Instandhaltung e.V. 
  • FVI   Forum Vision Instandhaltung e.V.
  • REFA   Bundesverband e.V., Fachorganisation Instandhaltung 
  • VDI   Verein Deutscher Ingenieure e.V., Fachausschuss Instandhaltung

Focus Instandhaltung has taken up the following tasks for the near future.

  • Establish structures for qualifying personnel in maintenance
  • Develop a systematic training program leading to qualification
  • Create a framework for further training in maintenance
  • Acquire standards and guidelines also for certification
  • Develop a management system for effective maintenance
  • Support a structural buildup of the branch maintenance