Share your knowledge, background and best practices with 2012 Euromaintenance attendees


Dec 14, 2010

Euromaintenance, the international maintenance conference and exhibition, is looking for competent, high-profile speakers who are willing to share their knowledge, background and best practices with maintenance managers, operations managers and engineers from across Europe and beyond. Euromaintenance encourage persons with the following profiles to submit a proposal:

  • Maintenance managers
  • Operations managers
  • Plant managers
  • Project managers
  • Maintenance and reliability engineers or specialists 
  • Professors and researchers in mentioned fields
  • Consultants


  • Integrating operations and maintenance (lean manufacturing, lean maintenance, TPM) 
  • Maintenance and asset performance (KPI, OEE, benchmarking, auditing) 
  • Contracting and outsourcing performance of maintenance personnel (skills development, knowledge management, safety, health) 
  • Reliability engineering and condition monitoring 
  • Best practices in maintenance execution and planning e-maintenance (software and hardware solutions for maintenance) 
  • Energy management and environmental improvements through maintenance

As applied in several industries

  • General manufacturing (automotive, aeronautics, plastics, electronics, electrical appliances) 
  • Process industry (oil, gas, petrochemical, chemical) 
  • Health and food (pharmaceutical, food and beverage) 
  • Power generation (nuclear, gas, coal, wind) 
  • Infrastructure and grids (airport, harbour, railway, road, electricity, gas and water supply, telecom) 
  • Other heavy industry (cement, mining, steel, paper) 
  • Facilities and building maintenance
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