Changing Workforce

Recruitment technology improves recruiting process and results

Source: Aberdeen Group

Dec 10, 2010

Aberdeen Group has published new research looking at how organizations are automating their recruiting process in order to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their hiring initiatives. This new study, Recruitment Technology: Quality Candidates and Quality Process, looks specifically at how organizations that have automated, either fully or in part, their recruiting function performed against those with fully manual processes. Those with a fully or partially automated process indicated that 73% of their new hires reached their first performance milestone on time, versus 67% of all others, while also reducing time to fill 3% over the previous year, and reducing cost to fill by 4%.

In addition to reaping the benefits of automation on improving the hiring process and its results, automation also lays the foundation for integrating hiring data with other talent management data in order to drive additional value. The research showed that organizations that integrate their recruiting technologies with other critical aspects of talent management were able to fill positions more quickly, reduce turnover, and hire a greater percentage of their top-choice candidates. "The visibility that results from this kind of integration into the whole hiring lifecycle, from source of candidate to their performance review a year or more after they start with the company, lets these top performing companies continue to improve their process to make it both more efficient and more effective in finding the right fit talent," said Mollie Lombardi, senior research analyst, human capital management. "Integration has a critical relationship to talent acquisition performance, and automation is the first step to achieving this integration success."