Fluid Handling

Updated standard for industrial/commercial rotary positive displacement pumps

Source: PlantServices.com

Nov 29, 2010

The Hydraulic Institute (HI) has updated the ANSI/HI Standard for Rotary Pump Tests version 2000, and has introduced ANSI/HI 3.6 – 2010, Rotary Pump Tests. This updated standard applies to industrial/commercial rotary positive displacement pumps and includes detailed procedures on the set up and methods for conducting hydrostatic test and performance tests of such pumps.

Significant updates include: complete reformatting of the standard to a one-column layout for easier reading; use of larger graphics and figures; and more detailed descriptions, particularly in the “Terminology” sections. Also included is an equation for pump output power.

The new standard provides most current testing procedures and acceptable deviation of dependent test quantities from specified values for Type III and Type IV testing, and is intended for use by all testing facilities. The objective of ANSI/HI 3.6 — 2010 is to establish a uniform demonstration of a pump’s ability to perform satisfactorily both mechanically and hydraulically.