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Commercials urge Congress to oppose tax increases on energy production

Source: National Association of Manufacturers Shopfloor

Sep 09, 2010

The National Association of Manufacturers has begun T.V. and radio advertising in nine states to oppose tax increases on energy production, which some members of Congress want to enact when they reconvene in Washington.

In a statement, NAM President and CEO John Engler said: “Our message to Congress is very clear. At a time when unemployment remains over 9%, costly energy taxes will make our nation’s economic situation worse by raising costs for businesses and consumers and hurting businesses’ ability to compete in a global marketplace. We are encouraging manufacturers, small businesses and the public to tell Congress to say yes to jobs and no to higher energy taxes.”

The National Federation of Independent Business is joining the NAM in sponsoring the ads.

Television and radio spots will run in Arkansas, Colorado, Indiana, Maine, Missouri, Nevada, Ohio, Virginia and West Virginia. The spots urge Senators in the states to, “Say yes to jobs, and no to higher energy taxes.”

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