The growing importance of supplier-provided training

Source: ARC

Oct 04, 2010

In ARC’s opinion, the automation suppliers are going to train the next generation of operators and technicians in the world’s industrial plants. They believe this for many reasons. Foremost among these is the global shortage of qualified personnel to fill positions in both the process industries and the discrete manufacturing industries.

Employees with years of experience are exiting the workforce through layoffs and retirements. In light of the recent recession, many end user companies have even stepped up their worker reduction programs. In developing economies, there is just a plain scarcity of highly qualified workers. At the same time, companies are tighter on capital and expenses continue to be tightly controlled. The new generation or workers lack experience and require decent training, but at the same time, they are much more IT-savvy and can adapt to different models of learning that go beyond the traditional classroom environment.

ARC clients can view the complete report at The Growing Importance of Supplier-Provided Training.