Industrial Safety

Certificate provides proof of explosion-industry competency


Aug 23, 2010

IECEx, the IEC system for certification to standards relating to equipment for use in explosive atmospheres, issued the world’s first IECEx Certificate of Personnel Competency to a person located in the UK. This personal and non-transmittable certificate provides independent proof to any potential employer that this person has the required competency (comprising qualifications and experience) to conduct work in or associated with hazardous areas, which may include area classification, installation, inspection and repair.

While certification programs for personnel already exist in a number of industries, international certification of personnel competency is a first for the explosive-related industries.

To obtain an IECEx Certificate of Personnel Competency, the candidate will have to undergo a series of knowledge tests and an assessment of qualifications and experience. The IECEx Certification of Personnel Competencies Scheme uses several criteria to establish a person’s level of competence when working in explosive industries. The person under assessment must be able to demonstrate competence to perform tasks, as defined in the scope of their IECEx Certificate, such as:

  • Apply basic principles of protection
  • Perform classification of hazardous areas 
  • Design electrical installations 
  • Install explosion-protected equipment and wiring systems 
  • Test, maintain, overhaul and repair explosion-protected equipment 
  • Perform visual, close or detailed inspection of electrical installations 
  • Perform audit inspection of electrical installations

Regular re-assessment ensures that the certified person maintains these competencies. The certificate is valid across international borders. It can be obtained through an approved IECEx Certification Body.