Energy Management

Media roundtable discusses the Gulf oil spill and the future of American energy

Source: The Council on Competitiveness

Jul 27, 2010

The former president of Shell Oil Company John Hofmeister appeared with Council on Competitiveness Distinguished Fellow and former Assistant Secretary of Energy Alexander "Andy" Karsner for a media roundtable. The event, "The Future of American Energy After the Deep Water Horizon Incident," featured in-depth analysis of the complicated challenges that face America's energy production and the implications of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. 

Hofmeister mentioned three specific steps that must be taken immediately in response to the Deep Water Horizon incident:

  • End the oil flow and clean up the mess on top of the ocean.
  • Find out what went wrong and to what extent humans error was at fault.
  • Strategize where we go from here to solve our energy issues.

Karsner added that without game-changing energy legislation, the U.S. will continue to face dynamic shifts in energy prices that will cripple the American economy. He also called the moratorium on offshore drilling a short-sided solution that will not ultimately address the root of the United States’ energy production challenges.

Listen to highlights from "The Future of American Energy After the Deep Water Horizon Incident."