Revamped Semaphore Web site features SCADA training video series


Jun 02, 2010

Semaphore has revamped its Web site and introduced a SCADA training video series devoted to innovative SCADA RTU solutions. The Web site,, details Semaphore's offering of complete integration of T-BOX and Kingfisher SCADA system, control and communications products. The video series, featuring Semaphore Technical Support Manager Jean Burton as Dr. T-BOX, provides tips and insights on making the most of SCADA products.

A button on the home page takes visitors to the first of four Dr. T-BOX videos in which Burton shows users how they can quickly and easily configure such functions as alarm management, SMS text messaging and Web page HMI creation, while also explaining the distinguishing features and benefits of Semaphore's T-BOX RTU product line. These free videos emphasize the latest product releases and, ultimately, cover all aspects of Semaphore's  T-BOX and Kingfisher SCADA system product lines. Burton earned the title of Dr. T-BOX after many successful years of working with Semaphore customers in technical support and teaching training classes.

Semaphore's T-BOX and Kingfisher RTU products are ideal for a broad range  of monitoring and control applications in the broadcast/telecom, infrastructure management, oil and gas, power, transportation, and water/wastewater industries.