The state of industrial wireless: How does your facility compare with industry benchmarks?

Source: Marketwire

May 19, 2010

Apprion has announced the results of a year-long research effort to track the adoption of wireless technologies in the process manufacturing industries. Apprion's "State of Industrial Wireless 2010" report provides a useful benchmark for manufacturing professionals to gauge their own facilities' efforts. 

The research results summarized in the report indicate that wireless technologies have made substantial gains over the last year — in levels of adoption and interest — and in addressing many of the concerns that had held back adoption in the past. Some of these key findings include:

  • 64% of process manufacturing facilities surveyed now report having at least one wireless application installed at their facility
  • This last year saw a 23% increase in wireless adoption and an 85% increase in those currently considering wireless applications
  • Compliance applications for security/safety and workforce productivity are the key drivers for adoption in 2010 with over 50% of respondents considering one of these apps
  • Condition Monitoring/Asset Management applications lead wireless adoption in 2009 with an increase of 56%
  • Video, Communications, and Mobility are the applications driving the next wave of adoption
  • The number one barrier to implementing wireless applications is cost/budget constraints

For this research effort, Apprion teamed up with Control Magazine to conduct a series of surveys designed to gain insight into the state of industrial wireless within the process manufacturing industries beginning in April, 2009. Over 1200 Control readers representing the full spectrum of process manufacturers participated in eight separate surveys that looked at broad ranging issues regarding wireless adoption as well as specific application areas. The results of these surveys are summarized and provide a snapshot of the state of industrial wireless in April 2010, how it has changed in the past year, and where it is likely to go from here.

View Apprion's "State of Industrial Wireless 2010" report.