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Lamp indices gain ground during fourth quarter of 2009

Source: NEMA

Mar 22, 2010

NEMA’s lamp indices for incandescent and compact fluorescent (CFL) lamps increased 6.7 and 15.5%, respectively, during the fourth quarter of 2009. Sales of incandescent lamps during the quarter were sufficient in tempering the rate of erosion in year-over-year growth for this index component, declining by 2.2% compared to the 12.0% average over the previous three quarters. Similarly, the decline in CFL sales slowed to 4.3% on a year-over-year basis versus a decline of 17.5% for the previous quarter. For the full calendar year, both index components showed similar results by seeing a roughly 10% decline from 2008.  


CFL PressRelease Mar. 10 - Chart


CFLs lost market share to incandescent lamps for the second consecutive quarter, decreasing to 22.0%. Moreover, the share of CFLs has remained fairly consistent for the last three years indicating consumer demand has hit a plateau that could persist into the foreseeable future absent a stronger pick-up in U.S. economic growth or re-emerging concerns over energy costs.