Some process industry segments primed for growth in 2010


Feb 19, 2010

The Global Foresight Group has identified several industry segments that will generate growing demand for process instrumentation and automation (PI&A) products in 2010 and beyond. In the white paper, "Growth Opportunities 2010 and Beyond," the Global Foresight Group describes seven areas where PI&A suppliers will find much better North American growth opportunities in 2010 and beyond. (Find the report at

These opportunities highlight a number of industry-wide and niche applications for PI&A products and services, including:

  • Stimulus spending — provide opportunities for PI&A bookings directly in the electric utilities, and water and wastewater industries, as well as indirectly through road and bridge construction, and buildings projects through increased demand for primary metals, chemicals and mining products.
  • Oil and gas industry — the development of unconventional gas sources and continuing deepwater projects will result in PI&A bookings opportunities.
  • Field instrumentation and valve services — will become a significant revenue source for suppliers as the installed base of PI&A products ages and core skills leave the process industries and are not replaced. 

The Global Foresight Group estimates that the North American PI&A market size fell by over $1B in 2009, from its historic high of $7.2B in 2008. The Group expects 2010 to be flat or only slightly up over 2009 with more significant annual growth beginning 2011.